A Walk in the Garden…a tribute to a Beautiful Friend

A walk in the Garden

As I stroll on the garden path in my mind, I walk toward the garden bench to sit with my friend Michele. Her face lights up and her smile is ever present, even more beautiful than the flowers surrounding her.

Michele is a Food Blogging friend; a Confidant, a Mentor a Motivator and inspirational spirit. She leads by pushing forward through enormous obstacles with “joie di vivre“. She never waivers in her support and kind words. She always has a shoulder for you cry on, and a kick in the pants when you need it. Her calm demeanor and ever present knowing, was the constant I turned to everytime I wanted to give up. She would just say “Take a break, but don’t leave us for long. We’ll be here when you come back” and She always was.

Michele was my Food Blogging Friend, Mentor and best of all Inspiration. Much more than that she was a kind spirit in a world of  rush and hurry to do nothing important. She took the time to hear you and love you unconditionally. She laughed and joked, but all the while cared for your heart like no one else could.

Michele passed away yesterday.

a walk in the garden

So as I take a walk in the garden and sit on the garden bench I feel my friend sitting with me. I think about Michele’s beautiful life of love and consummate support. I try not to cry when I think of the tough days ahead for her family and friends, but I am solemn and truly grateful that they shared her with me. I was truly blessed for her kind loving spirit having been a part of my life.

God Bless you Michele. Thank you for being my friend.


Michele Gerhard was the the writer and editor at LaBelle Cusine and the Mother of Chef Keeghan Gerhard.  Michele and Keeghan Gerhard

Her beautiful presence in the Blogging Arena will be sorely missed.


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2 Responses to A Walk in the Garden…a tribute to a Beautiful Friend

  1. Healing Tomato 07/11/2014 at 1:36 AM #

    This is such a profound post and I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you are coping well. Death is never easy to deal with, especially if it is of a such a wonderful person. Your life was definitely better because she was in it. Hope you are doing well.

    • Laurie Alves 07/21/2014 at 8:01 PM #

      Thank You Rini. She was a fantastic friend and Mentor. The wor was better for having her in it. Thank you for stopping by. Hope all is well with you also.

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